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destination: mexico

January 1, 2018


Thank you, one and all for your prayers and financial support of our Mexico 2017 missions trip.  We ministered once again in both Galeana and in San Luis Potosí.  The church in Galeana that we ministered las year has grown immensely (about double in size).  The saints are out carrying the gospel of salvation at their jobs and in the marketplaces.  We were privileged to teach a group twice the size of last year.  Opening the scriptures about God’s promises to us concerning our Abrahamic covenant.  We also ministered prophetically and witnessed salvations and deliverances from addiction.  The mission church that we ministered at, which was gathering in the pastor’s home is now in their own facilities and going strong. We were able to minister to the congregations of both churches.  We also were able to participate in a church picnic outing and experience some of the beauty that Mexico has to offer.  Thank you for making it possible for us to share the ministry on our redeemed identity in Christ in Galeana!


In San Luis, Potosí we ministered in both the Sunday morning services and in several cell group Bible Studies around the city.  I was privileged to lead these groups in our studies of Dreams, the Infilling of the Holy Spirit, and our Redeemed Identity in Christ.  A huge thank you to our host pastors: Samuel & Martha Langston and José Luis “Pepe” & Mari Banda.   

May 22, 2017
This August, Myca will be returning to the San Luis Potosí area of Mexico to continue nuturing the spiritual seeds she and Rev. Arlene planted last year. If you are interested in partnering with this venture it is not too late! Contact us for further information on how you can spiritual and financially contribute to this good work.