bio: Rev. Myca Belknap

Rev.  Myca Belknap is the founder and president of Firebrands616. Born in Lakeland, Fl. to Rev. Cloyde & Rev. Arlene Yoder, she was raised in missions to Guatemala, Mexico and Costa Rica. She worked both on and off the mission field under her parents' ministry: Ambassadors of Christ to the Nations (formerly Grace World Missions International).


During her time overseas she served as an interpreter for various groups on missions projects, in evangelism, worship leading for crusades and conferences, ministry to children and youth, as well as feeding programs abroad. Myca is a Bible School graduate with  an additional 3 years at a national Ministry Training Institute including internships as associate pastors. She was also actively involved in a children’s feeding program and humanitarian relief to homeless and displaced families.

Since returning to the United states Myca has continued to work in both the local church and missions.  Through the preaching of the word, sharing of testimonies and missions experiences, she endeavors to ignite passion in the church both local and abroad.


From interim worship leaders, associate pastors, to youth ministers, Myca and her husband, Dave, have helped plant churches, assisted multiple churches in crisis.  She has lead missions teams to Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Argentina, and Panama.  Myca and Dave have been married since 1996.  They have four children: Joy (born 1998), Isaac (born 2000), Ben (Born 2001), and Serena (Born 2011) and reside in Wyoming, MI.

Myca is not only fully bilingual, but also is considered bicultural, and enjoys working in a diverse setting.  She believes that God made a world full of diversity to reflect His own complexity, beauty, and infinite dimensions. "One of the ways that we can show God's love to others is by learning about their unique cultures and ways of communicating."

In addition to teaching Bible School and taking groups on short-term missions trips, Myca hold a Master's degree in Education, Curriculum develpment/instruction with an immersion certification. She currently teaches Spanish Immersion at Jenison Public Schools.  Her ministry brings the love and message of the Gospel of Christ Jesus to both the Church world and the market place.  As a minister of the Gospel, this hybrid ministry gives her a unique perspective and also opens doors for evangelism.  Her down-to-earth, practical teaching style is relatable to the everyday believer who wants to impact the world for Christ.


Her prophetic world-view carries insightful, relevant, and encouraging messages for the Church of the 21st century. Her mission is to bring the Jesus of the Bible to life in the modern world, while encouraging individual believers to shine forth as the radiant Bride of Christ that they are.

bio: Dave Belknap

Born in Traverse City, Michigan, Dave grew up in a local church which his Grandfather pastored and parents remained active even through merging with another to form a stronger local body. During these early years Dave felt a calling to both music and ministry, performing in Church musicals and outreach from age 6.


By age 14 he was, at the time, the youngest representative to join the District Council of Youth Ministries and would go on to become an elected leader of the West Michigan Youth Council.


In the years to come, a local Christian oriented rock group, Uzziah, would form with Dave as the founding third member. At this time he would continue to reach out and connect with like-minded musicians around the greater Grand Traverse and Wexford County areas, culminating with opportunities to play with local and national music ministries.


After meeting the love of his life, Dave would join Myca and her parents in ministry abroad, traveling to Columbia and Costa Rica.


From leading worship to Bible study classes, youth, and children's ministry Dave now works alongside Myca as designer and editor for print, video and web content for Firebrands 616.



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