Planned All Along:

Painting the Picture of Hope


Born out of finding herself "in the volume of the Book", Myca takes the story of Abraham and Sarah and brings it into the present day in a way that gives the reader hope.Through their journey the reader is invited to take his/her own journey on the road of transformed identity. As He did with Myca, Abraham, and Sarah, God wants to dismantle the myths, transform your desolation, your unfulfilled longings, and your painful places into a garden of pleasure. He wants to make your dry bones a mighty army. What "Planned All Along" offers is not a three step system, but rather a look at the journey of two fellow sojourners. Acknowledging your story will be your own, Planned All Along invites the reader to identify with Abraham and Sarah, and their ear to the Spirit and they are also lead on a journey from desolation to desired end."

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Marriage 21:

A Journey Towards Freedom & Deeper Relationships

By Myca & Dave Belknap


Following their 21st wedding anniversary, Myca began journaling on things she learned about marriage and relationships. As part of this New Year's resolution, Myca began sharing these soundbites on social media, discovering other couples were blessed by her transparent musings on the beautiful, messy, and often complex factors building two lives into one calls for.


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Dadores De Vida (Life Givers Spanish Ed)

Por Myca Belknap


En el fondo, sabemos que hay más de lo que somos.  Este libro explora la identidad del Christiano desde la perspectiva de ejemplos bíblicos y la revelación del Espiritu Santo. Incluido en las páginas de este libro son las experiencias del la jornada transformativa de la autora quién te invita a tomar un paso asía tu propia identidad redimida en los brazos de tu Padre Celestial.



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Life Givers

By Myca Belknap


Deep down, we know there is more to what we are. This book explores the identity of the Believer from the perspective of Biblical examples and the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Included in the pages of this book are the experiences of the author's transformative journey who invites you to step into your own redeemed identity in the arms of your Heavenly Father.


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Seeding Truths:

Spiritual Wisdom Packed with Power

By Rev. Arlene Yoder

As you read this book, get ready to have your mind blown! Spiritual seeds are packed with power to produe an abundant harvest for us. Every seek from God's Word has the potential to unfold ever growing understanding of abundant Kingdom living. The author brings a wealth of knowledge from her decades in ministry both on and off the mission field.


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